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Release 2.2 of the ema Software Suite

The annual release of the ema Software Suite offers you new features, improved functions as well as bug fixes. These have been developed, among other things, from customer suggestions and feedback. It is very important to us that our software provides maximum benefit for our users. For this reason, regular and personal exchange with our customers is very important to us. You can therefore look forward to an even better user experience and benefit from our improved functions. You can see the most important highlights of the current release here.

Highlights of the ema Software Suite Release 2.2

Motion generator

The motion generator for the arms-upper body system has been redesigned. These improvements have the following benefits:

  • better utilization of shoulder mobility leads to improved and more realistic reachability prediction
  • Upper body movement occurs only when necessary
  • one-handed object movements are displayed smoother and more fluidly
  • when handling tools, the alignment is always taken into account from now on
  • optimized internal algorithms increase calculation speed by up to 300%

Automatic layout

In our new software release, you will be able to calculate and execute a fully automatic resource arrangement according to the occurring material flows in the future. An ideal layout is created at the push of a button.

Efforts, costs and times are thus reduced to an optimum in your future planning. The calculation is done in a few seconds even for complex models of complete factories. The functionality can of course also be used for existing productions.

Customized human models and motion capturing

When analyzing motion capture data, it is important that the digital human models are as large as the people with whom the recordings were made.
In emaWD 2.2 new functionalities are now available to create completely individual human models (larger or smaller than 5th, 50th 95th percentile).

In addition, motion capture recordings can now be cut or reassembled even more easily. This saves a considerable amount of time during evaluation (e.g. EAWS, MTM-UAS).

Interactive camera paths

Interactive diagrams and new results display

Virtual Reality

Release 2.2 Webinar Recording

In this one-hour info session, you will learn about all the innovations and highlights at first hand.

Our Product Manager Jörg Uhlig and our Head of Software Development Dr. Sebastian Bauer will show you the roadmap of the new ema Software Suite Release 2.2.

ema Academy

With the release 2.2 of our ema Software Suite also starts our new free training offer ema Academy.

The ema Academy includes a comprehensive training portfolio for beginners and experienced ema users with:

  • Quick Start Session - 1-hour video to get started with ema Work Designer
  • Tutorial - 4-part video series for step-by-step simulation of an extensive assembly process
  • Training scenarios - Numerous ema scenarios with tips for simulating different use cases e.g. use of handling equipment & transport means
  • Info Sessions - Detailed insight into special functions of our ema Software Suite in 30- to 60-minute videos

To access all content, you only need to register for our download center.

Download Release 2.2

Here you can download the latest version of ema Software Suite. 

Factsheet Release 2.2

Here you can see all the facts about the ema Software Suite Release 2.2.

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